Because, aviously…

Elon Musk tweeted last week that he has gotten preliminary approval for a Hyperloop tunnel on the East Coast, running from NY to DC, via Philadelphia and Baltimore.

29 minutes for a trip along the full route would mean the tourism in all cities would increase. Foreign tourists staying in one city, as well as weekend getaways, would be an easy hop.

Hyperloop has never been tested in actual use, and previous plans for it have never gotten beyond the planning stages, but that won’t slow down Musk and his high ambitions, as he plans to get the tunnel dig started within a year.
These plans will be alongside the Hyperloop build in the Los Angeles area, and Musk has even expressed long term interest in San Francisco and Texas projects.

While this is still just faint ideas, I am all in favor of the quickly advancing technological world we live in, and Musk has long been ahead of the game.

One thought on “Hyperloop Coming To NY?

  1. Earl P Street Jr says:

    Overcoming above to underground Land right a way issues to support segmented power and communcations/media linking might be interesting here in the USA.

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