Because, aviously…

The Mayor is an upcoming show on ABC, premiering October 3rd, but the pilot is now available on Hulu.

A struggling 27-year-old rapper, named Courtney Rose, runs for mayor of Fort Grey, California, with high hopes of it boosting his demo sales. But when he wins the election, landing himself a role that can change the community, how will he handle the power that he suddenly holds?

Brandon Michael Hall plays Courtney, Yvette Nicole Brown is his mother, and Lea Michelle plays the opposing campaign manager turned Chief-of- (for a cameo from David Spade).

Yet despite that solid casts of leads, it’s the supporting cast that helps keep this show well above the “average” line, as Marcel Spears and Bernard David Jones bring the comedy and friendship to the mayoral office.

Once in office he starts doing real work, cleaning up the neighborhood and trying to improve the lives of the people living there.

This show is very promising, and quickly got added to my already busy Fall TV Schedule.

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