Because, aviously…

In the past, I talked about how I would listen to sports talk radio on my way to/from work. But with Hahn and Humpty first taking a turn towards the terrible (before the inevitable split up) and them knocking Le Batard off NYC radio, I turned to another option to fill my drive time: Podcasts.

I’ll admit straight off the bat: I can’t do daily podcasts. There is no one person that I respect enough, or care enough about, to listen to for an hour a day. I understand that WTF and NPR have “great daily podcasts”, but they just don’t do it for me.

So what/who do I turn to? Sports. And Barstool. But a mix of different sports and topics, so it doesn’t get repetitive and keeps things interesting.

  • Starting 9 – Former Perfect Game pitcher Dallas Braden and Barstool’s Jared Carrabis, a long time Red Sox fan who was instrumental in the Sox landing David Price, break down the baseball world. From weekly storylines to MVP and Cy Young races, and up and comers to stories from the locker room this duo is making baseball great again.
    They also have a great variety of guests, with this fairly new show already having Brian Wilson, Aaron Boone, and David Ross, among others.
  • Spittin’ Chiclets – Stanley Cup winner Ryan Whitney and Barstool’s Rear Admiral cover hockey, which can be tough during the offseason.
    I have only started listening to this recently, but have already enjoyed interviews with Martin St. Louis and BizNasty.
  • The Podfathers – A bunch of fathers discuss the troubles their kids put them through, and the give and take of being a parent, mostly from a comedic point of view.
  • Barstool Rundown – A rundown of some of the viral videos/stories of the day, published nightly.
  • NYCFC Nation Podcast – A group of NYCFC diehard fans discuss the going-ons with the team, from recaps and player searches to the ongoing stadium search. Personally, I think they ramble on a little long, but I still enjoy my one “local” sports podcast.

I would probably have a wider range, including the Le Batard podcasts, but I listen to them through the Google Music library, which doesn’t have as much of a selection as the other Podcast venues.

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