Because, aviously…

A few months ago I discussed the 2017 Video Game Hall of Fame finalists (of which Halo, Pokemon, Street Fighter and Donkey Kong made it in), and now it’s time to shift over to the standard Toy Hall of Fame.

The first class was inducted in 1998, and the hall has many great items in there, such as Barbie’s, Balls, and Bicycles, and some questionable ones, like Blankets and Sticks.
Their argument for the Stick is that it’s an all-purpose item, with many playing options…but I don’t think natural items should be in there, limiting the hall to just items that were thought out. For this reason, I agree that the pet rock isn’t in the hall…but am against one of this year’s nominations…without further ado, here is who I think should make it:

  • Matchbox Cars – its brother, Hot Wheels, was brought into the Hall in 2011, and Matchbox, the original car, is due to be honored.
  • Play Food – This toy truly expands the imagination, as kids can spend hours having dinner with their dolls, or serving their family members food, while Mom is cooking in the kitchen.
  • Uno – One of the best card games, and simplest for kids of any age to learn, it’s questionable as to why this hasn’t made it yet.


  • Paper Airplane – This one confuses my thoughts. While it is a natural item (like Sticks and Sand, which I argue against), it does take some skill and play to make it work. Anyone can pick up a stick and hit someone, and anyone can move sand around…but you can’t just pick up a piece of paper and throw it.
  • Risk – While Clue doesn’t make my cut, Risk is a different story. It takes great strategy and thought processes to get through this game, and for the hours that it’s entertained people, it deserves a chance.
  • Transformers – These are cool, and transformed the toy world, but until Matchbox Cars are in, Transformers can’t be.
  • Wiffle Ball – This is simply the ball, not the bat and the ball. And while I think the duo deserves to be in, I don’t know if one of them can make it without the other. Nothing says toy like “hitting someone in the groin with a wiffle bat”.

As for the rest of the nominees:

  • Clue – One of the best-selling board games of all time, I feel like it’s one of those that people own…but don’t play much.
  • Magic 8 Ball – It’s been around for 70 years, but I don’t think it’s good for more than a few minutes of joy (or a question or two).
  • My Little Pony – I’m not a brony, and probably don’t understand the craze, but this one isn’t for me.
  • Pez Candy Dispenser – Sure they have all sorts of characters, but this isn’t a toy.
  • Sand – Thank you God for making sand. It should go in the God Hall of Fame.

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