Because, aviously…

Last Sunday was the final day of the regular season for NYCFC, and with the Yankees in the playoffs City had to move out of Yankee Stadium for the second game in a row.

After a failed game in Connecticut, both because of a poor performance and a really low attendance, the front office was able to procure Citi Field for this match, and hands down it outshone everything about The Bronx.

For starters, and this one is slightly selfish, it was a much easier commute (albeit similar timing), with no tolls on the route. But when you got to Citi Field there was a strange sight…parking lots, with lots of space in them for cars and tailgating, all for $25.
In The Bronx, you have to park at least 10 minutes away to pay $25 or less, with costs in the $30-$45 range to park at the Stadium.

Once inside Citi Field it was a mix of good and bad.
I’ve always preferred the feel, as you can walk around the entire place in under 10 minutes, while Yankee Stadium feels like a trek to get just a few sections over, and because of the smaller feel, all the food stations are more easily accessible.

The seating was all facing home plate, so the seats were a little too slanted for soccer, leading to a lot of sidesaddle seating, but from there the sight lines were a lot better, and all the better seats were a lot cheaper than their equals at the Stadium.

Also due to this tighter Field was a lot louder an atmosphere than is to be had in The Bronx, and the 20K+ in attendance made the place intimidating for the visitors.

And of course David Villa had a brace, including this great header on a corner.

I would go back to Queens for a game in a heartbeat. Maybe Flushing Meadows will be their Stadium destination, as we expect an announcement before the end of the year…

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