Because, aviously…

SeaWorld San Diego was one of the best places I’ve ever visited, and I went multiple times over my trip. If I lived near there, it would be a weekly visit to see those fantastic animals and sights.

One of my favorite parts of how it is run is that once you are in the park, everything is included. There’s no need to purchase tickets for a show or ride, and no need for long lines to check said tickets.

Another awesome feature is that in a lot of zoos/aquariums you need to fight for space along the glass to see the animals and take pictures of them. You have families and Instagrammers crowding around, and you can waste a lot of your day waiting to see some animals.
But at SeaWorld, these crowded indoor exhibits (such as penguins and sharks) have a moving walkway, where you can get on and it slowly brings you through the exhibit, giving you an unencumbered view of the animals.
If you want to spend more time with them, loop around and take the walkway again.

The park is full of animals, and you can get really up close and personal with most of them as you walk amongst and through their exhibits. Heading clockwise around the park from when you walk in:

  • When you first enter the park, you are presented with a lot of things for the little ones to see and do, including a few touch tanks and a children’s play area
  • Wild Arctic – Walruses and gorgeous beluga whales grace the waters
  • Penguins – Penguin house with tens of Emperor and other varieties standing at attention for your photo pleasures, including some warm weather ones basking outside in the sun
  • Turtles
  • Shark Encounter – Walk under, over, and through shark tanks, watching these predators prowl the waters
  • Flamingoes – The staple of every zoo and aquarium in America, these pink birds stand around waiting for life to happen
  • Otter Outlook – Some of the cutest water animals at most aquariums, get overshadowed by the Dolphins here, but seeing them relaxing in the water is always a thrill
  • Dolphins – There is literally nothing keeping you from the water, as it’s one of the closest places you’ll get to these intelligent and playful animals
  • Orcas – Technically a type of dolphin, these killer whales are a sight to see, and as their time in SeaWorld winds down, it’ll get harder to see these beautiful black and white animals

As always with my travels, all pictures are my own!

Part 2, with shows and attractions, can be read here!

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