Because, aviously…

After last years failure in music, this year was much better, and that brings us to the third annual #Avisously giveaway.

Complete the form below and submit a list of my Top 20 songs of the year. That’s right, this year has expanded to 20 songs, but you only need one correct song to have a chance of winning Amazon gift cards!!

Here’s the price breakdown for how to win this year, and more info can be found on iamavig.com!

Most correct songs = $10 Amazon Gift Card
Top 10 in any order = $25 Amazon Gift Card
15 of 20 in any order = $30 Amazon Gift Card
Top 20 in any order = $40 Amazon Gift Card
Top 10 in correct order = $50 Amazon Gift Card
Top 20 in correct order = $75 Amazon Gift Card

And just like previous years, if we get 10+ entrants (or 25+ entries) the Top 2 entries win!

I’ll give the same hint as I give every year: Think how I think. Consider what music I like and what I’ve used in the past, and remember that in order to qualify the song MUST HAVE COME OUT IN 2017.
Another thing to consider: No artist has more than one song on this list (as the primary artist).

As the entrants from last year know, I am great at giving hints if you ask for them after your submissions, and in previous years all multiple entrants walked away with a gift card!

Fill out the form below, or use the link here!

Disclosures: One winner, unless above conditions are met. Multiple entries are allowed (up to 10, any remaining ones will be disqualified) and in the event of a tie, monies will be split amongst the winners. Contest ends when Top Songs of 2017 post goes live!

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