Because, aviously…

Google News rolled out a redesign in the last few days, and it’s a great way for people to get their headlines and what interests them the most.

I get my news from the Google Now feed on my Android home screen, but this app works in a similar way of delivering the news to you.

The app is powered by AI (artificial intelligence), sorting thru the constant breaking news and overload of information that comes out every second online, to show you only things that interest you.

The first time you log in you may see things that you don’t care about…just keep scrolling and click on the stories that you want to learn more about, or click the drop-down menu and select “More/Fewer stories like this”, and the feed will quickly learn and adapt.

The app is also split into four parts:

  •  For You – This is where you have your personalized briefing and Top 5 tailored stories, followed by other stories based on your likings
  • Headlines – The top stories sorted by the typical news categories (Latest, U.S., World, Business, Sports, Etc.)
  • Favorites – Here is where you can see “Favorited” items, such as Topics, Sources, and any stories that you “Saved” for later
  • Newsstand – Subscribe to Newspapers and Magazines and see them here. A lot of subscriptions are free (such as USA Today or CBS News) and others run a monthly charge (such as $4.99 for the LA Times)

And if you click the “Perspectives and Context” button under a headline it will show you “Full Coverage” of the story, removing the filters that the AI introduces to show you the sources you prefer.

The app is available now on Android and iOS.

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