Because, aviously…

Recently I took the dive and got a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro), to put alongside the Xbox One that I have gathering dust in my room.

The reasons the Xbox has been sitting unused is really simple:

  • The game selection has dwindled in recent years, with only about one or two games a year that are playable (outside the typical FIFA/NHL games)
  • My Xbox likes to turn itself on. From “Power Off” (and not “Sleep”) mode, it would randomly turn on. Sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes when no one was home. And no matter how much I mentioned it to Microsoft, they never seemed to care…so I started to unplug the unit, and it just wasn’t worth the hassle of plugging it back in
  • I used to have my cable box run thru my Xbox, but with the amount of time it took to turn the unit on, it was about 60-90 seconds before I was able to start watching TV…and that’s just no fun. So I disconnected them and plugged it into an HDMI switch

One game that I’ve wanted for years is a baseball game, and ever since the EA Sports MVP series ended in 2005, I haven’t been able to play an MLB game, as Sony has the exclusive rights with The Show, and they wouldn’t put that on any platform besides their own.

So for a while (since I missed the $200 Black Friday sale, and couldn’t pull the trigger at the time) I was looking for a PlayStation deal…something that just doesn’t exist, until Target has an in-store Cartwheel deal a few weeks ago, that sent me store hunting for the exact console that they had on sale…and after a few weeks with it, it’s clearly better than the Xbox.

  • While a lot of games are multiplatform, switching over to PS allows me to try some new series’ that I’ve wanted to play for a while, such as The Show and God of War
  • Superfast load times
    • When I turn the unit on, it turns on immediately. Whether in Rest Mode or Power Off, it never takes more than a few seconds to turn on
    • Games load really quickly
  • Having a “Share” button on the controller, while unusual, is playing into the Millennial age, when everything needs to be posted to Twitter or Facebook, or live-streamed to Twitch or YouTube
  • Cleaner Menus: The Xbox dashboard has slowly gotten clunkier and clunkier, and it has made it harder to find what you need, and get to where you want in a timely fashion
  • Looks: The PS Slim is obviously smaller than the Xbox One, but when you look at the bigger systems, the PS4 Pro is a futuristic looking beast, that can handle 4K and all those other HD gimmicks

And it’s not just me that feels this way, a recent article from Arstechnica, they suggest that the PS4 has sold 2.5X more than the Xbox One, “now controlling over 70 percent of the “two-console” market worldwide.”

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