Because, aviously…

Downtown Montreal is a flash to an old French city, as you walk the cobblestone streets and explore the markets.

Some of the highlights of the downtown area include City Hall and the famous Notre-Dame Basilica.

Meanwhile, you can wander down to the old port, where things really start to get fun. At the edge of it all is a clock tower, with a little door in the side, and 192 steps to the top. Once ships pass this tower, they have officially entered the Port of Montreal.
Among the things you can see out there (if you peak just under the bridge) is a Six Flags, and just a great view of the Saint Lawrence river.

As for the entertainment in the port, there’s a slew of things to do, from ziplines to an aerial course, and a giant Ferris Wheel that creates a great view.

And finally, there is a Montreal Science Centre, which until the middle of September has a DreamWorks Animation exhibit, showing an adventure from sketch to screen.

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