Because, aviously…

One of the reasons I got a PlayStation, besides to play MLB The Show, was to finally try out one of the most storied franchises on gaming systems: God of War.

One of my biggest issues while starting the most recent edition of the game is that I had no idea what was going on. There’s no intro video to catch you up, and I even bought the Guide, hoping for something in there, and not an ounce of knowledge was gleaned…so I knew that Kratos was a God, and that’s about it.
(Although I’m told by people that when you play all the way thru it will fill in all the questions I have…but I’m impatient.)

The game is beautifully drawn, and a complete work of art, as you can see from the PushSquare screengrabs below.

Despite not knowing what was going on for a lot of it, the story is intriguing, as we follow a classic father-son journey into the real world, on a quest to deliver his mothers ashes to their final resting place.

We do what we please. No excuses.

While this game wasn’t for me, it just isn’t my style or genre, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure with a really long story.

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