Because, aviously…

With my recent purchase of a PS4, I was finally able to enter The Show and play big league baseball.

The game is a masterpiece from top to bottom, and here are some of the highlights:

  • The game can be made to be really simple, in its controls at-bat/pitching/and fielding, but even so it still has a complexity that keeps it interesting and entertaining
  • Great graphics packages: The visuals are realistic, but where they kick it up a notch is in the actual presentation when it comes down to game time. They have three different packages so that each game doesn’t look and feel exactly the same, with the top-notch one being the MLB Network broadcast
    When you crush that home run it looks fantastic, and then they break it down with Statcast, from launch angles to hit velocity, makes the game feel as modern as the real world
  • If you want to get thru a season it can take a really long time…considering each game takes around 45 minutes…and they have a “Critical Moments” mode, that simulates thru games, and only pops you in when there is something on the line, like a ninth-inning save situation, or a players hit-streak is on the line
    This lets you speed thru a season, being able to go from Spring Training to the World Series in a matter of days
  • Road to the Show (RTTS): Start as a college player, and get drafted to the AA, working your way up to the majors and fighting for the record books. The cool thing is that they have moved off the “point system” where you get to apply points to your stats, and you get to choose how your player does in each category.
    Now they have made it based on how you play: The better you play, the higher those ratings will move. Try stealing second too much and getting caught all the time? Down goes the stealing attribute.
    The one thing you need to focus on is using your training days to increase your Cap on all the attributes.
  • Barry Bonds and Pete Rose still don’t appear in the game, whether because of bans or not giving license to their names, they both show up in the record books as their team name with the year listed

This game is outstanding, and a must for every baseball fan. From thrilling storylines to exciting gameplay, it easily gets a 9 out of 10.

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