Because, aviously…

The 71st Emmy Award Nominations were recently announced, and always I have some fun going through all of them and seeing how I would vote, if they stupidly decided to give me a vote.

Drama Series – The Bodyguard — The Bodyguard on Netflix was one of those shows that kind of showed up out of nowhere, and besides for the overabundance of “ma’am” was a fantastic show. Unfortunately for it, it’s in a super crowded category, including two of my other favorites (Ozark, and Better Call Saul) as well as some of the strongest shows of the last year (Game of Thrones, Killing Eve, and This Is Us)

Comedy Series – Russian Doll — Natasha Lyonne is a godsend. She’s so undervalued as an actress, rising up in the original American Pie movies, and hitting the mainstream in Orange is the New Black, but this show, where you just get stuck in a loop of awesomeness, is my top pick of the year. Obviously, The Good Place is a great second-place option.

Lead Actor in a Drama – Bob Odenkirk <Better Call Saul> — Bob got his role in Breaking Bad, but this prequel show has strengthened his character, as we learn how Jimmy became Saul Goodman. Jason Bateman (in Ozark) would be my runner up.

Lead Actress in a Drama – Robin Wright <House of Cards> — I did not like, at all, how House of Cards took its final season, as I feel it just played towards what was popular, and didn’t do much to make itself into a great show, like some of the earlier seasons did. However, that doesn’t take away from the strong performance that Robin had as *SPOILER* President. Laura Linney (Ozark) didn’t do enough to push past Wright…but if that final scene of Ozark was any indication *SPOILER* then her role next season should put her in the running for an Emmy.

Lead Actor in a Comedy – Ted Danson <The Good Place> — Michael the Creator is one of the more subtle roles on television that people tend to forget about, but Ted Danson fits it perfectly. Michael Douglas (Kominsky Method) had a nice resurgence this year as well.

Lead Actress in a Comedy – Natasha Lyonne <Russian Doll> — See above, with Best Comedy Series, as Natasha was just a step above Christina Applegate (Dead to Me) who also shone this year, in another show that was a pleasant surprise.

Supporting Actor in a Drama – Giancarlo Esposito <Better Call Saul> — One of the harder categories that I went through. Not necessarily because all three were outstanding, but all three were good enough to fight each other for the spot. But, with that said, Gus and Los Pollos Hermanos is one of the more memorable scenes (picture his face falling off), and while that wasn’t this year, or decade (almost), it still helps him get past Jonathan Banks (Better Call Saul), and Michael Kelly (House of Cards) who got the short end of the stick at the end of House of Cards.

Supporting Actress in a Drama – Julia Garner <Ozark> — Four Game of Thrones will fight each other for votes, and Fiona Shaw of Killing Eve.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy – Alan Arkin <The Kominsky Method> — The Kominsky Method was such a subtle show that brought back some old favorites, including Arkin and Douglas, and this will be one of its winnings.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy – Betty Gilpin <G.L.O.W.> — Liberty Belle is an amazing piece of what makes G.L.O.W. a shining light looking back at the 80s. The one that would fight her is Kate McKinnon, whose numerous roles in SNL are outstanding (including those Close Encounter skits), but I don’t think a sketch comedy show should be going up against storylines and roles.

Guest Actress in a Comedy – Maya Rudolph <The Good Place> — The Judge will rule in her favor.

Competition Program – The Amazing Race — The Amazing Race has always been one of my favorite shows, for almost 20 years and over 30 seasons, so it is no surprise I would give it my vote. In the last year The Voice has gotten me intrigued, but only for the blind auditions, after which my interest just fizzles out.

Variety Talk Series – Late Late Show with James Corden — I’ve found most of the nighttime shows to become unwatchable. Either they are all political, or all sketches, either way lacking the content that they had had 10+ years ago. With that in mind, Corden is the one who’s skits I look to the most on YouTube, whether it’s Carpool Karaoke or Crosswalk The Musical

Short Form Comedy or Drama Series – Special <Netflix>

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