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House of Cards Season 5 #Review

It’s back and as riveting as ever. I rated Season 4 as the best season they’d done so far…and Season 5 lived up to those levels, keep the power couple at the top of the Netflix food chain.

One Nation. Underwood.

Fresh off an Islamic attack on American soil the President is gearing up for an election just weeks away, but as the day comes and passes, and the election left tainted and unclean, no President is ready to ascend to office.

The American people don’t know what’s best for them. I do. I know exactly what they need.

Tom Hammerschmidt is still searching to tumble the carefully crafted House of Cards, and Francis + Claire are still scheming and plotting their rise to ultimate power.

This season is as riveting as we have seen and never reaches the slowness that Season 2 stooped to.
But I like how the show skips the ‘big days’ and just tells us the results and what went down. Showing some of these days only to leave the same questions they already relay to us would be good for a “long-term weekly show” which needs cliffhangers throughout the season, but are unnecessary for a binge show to keep flowing.

I understand if you think I’m a monster…but I’d do it again.

There are two strange parts to me. The first being how Claire and Francis suddenly seem at peace with each other….loving and together at times, despite previous seasons’ fallouts.
The other is actress Patricia Clarkson and her role as Jane Davis….what a strange insert to the show. Seemingly placed there for the sake of “pushback to the Underwoods” she just doesn’t belong in the role she’s in, and could easily be removed to be replaced by better characters.

Meanwhile, Neve Campbell and Michael Kelly continue their outstanding roles as the hard hitting people behind the backbones that are trying to run the US of A.

This season continues the stellar role and gets another 9.5 out of 10, I can’t wait for Season 6…

My turn.

Dear @Amazon, @Hulu, and @Netflix

Dear Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix,

There is nothing you like more than to send me an email. But why are your emails all so pointless and useless?

Give me a list of all your original shows, let me check off the ones I’m interested in, and when the season starts again, at 3 AM the morning of, when you make it live, send me an email saying “Hey Avi! ___ is now available on ___!”

Instead on May 30th, I get an email from Netflix saying “F is For Family Season 2 Now Available”, a show I never watched Season 1 of, while House of Cards sits awaiting my viewing of the new season.

I may not want your random emails or push notifications for shows that are completely out of my range, but I would be 100% welcoming to reminders about things I care about.

I should not be the reminder to my coworkers and friends that “Mozart in the Jungle”, “Kimmy Schmidt”, or “Mindy Project” is back today. You should be doing that yourselves!

It shouldn’t be my job to put all these pilots and premieres in my calendar…it should be your goal to remind me what I care about, without spamming me in the process.

The goal is simple: Make a list for me to sign up for notifications about shows I want, and stop forcing Fuller House, The Handmaids Tale, and Bosch on me.


The Viewers

PS. Tell the advertisers that I’ll be tuning in at 3 AM to watch those shows, and they’ll pay extra for a demographic viewer!

Amazon Pilots Spring 2017

Fall of 2016 had a couple of 6’s, but with the Spring release of Pilots comes a slew of junk that no one should waste their time on (except Mrs. Maisel).

Here are the Spring 2017 Amazon Pilots from best to barf (the ‘paragraph’ included is the Amazon description). The first two are dramas, the rest comedy:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

It’s 1958 Manhattan and Miriam “Midge” Maisel has everything she’s ever wanted – the perfect husband, kids, and Upper West Side apartment. But when her life suddenly takes a turn and Midge must start over, she discovers a previously unknown talent – one that will take her all the way from the comedy clubs of Greenwich Village to a spot on Johnny Carson’s couch. From the creator of Gilmore Girls.

Rachel Broshanan (House of Cards), Tony Shalhoub, and Alex Borstein all star in this show, with appearances from  Gilbert Gottfried.
Mrs. Maisel is a nice Jewish girl (with a little rebellious side), who has money, two kids, and a husband who thinks he’s a comic.
But when her life starts to fall apart, and her husband leaves her, she turns her own hand at comedy in an effort to stay afloat.
Whimsical humor mixed with stand-up comedy.
6.5 out of 10


Set in the near future, Oasis tells the story of priest Peter Leigh, who is called to a remote planet where a mysterious multinational company is building the first permanent off-Earth human colony. The planet, Oasis, is humanity’s last chance to escape from Earth’s impending collapse, but it quickly becomes apparent that it may not be as hospitable to humanity as it seems…

Based on a book by Michael Faber, this ‘religious show’ takes place in future London, as the world seems to be ending with disease and whatnot, a group is building up Oasis, a lifeline in space on the edge of the Galaxy, the first permanent community, to help save the Earth.
Our man of God is called upon to help, from a commander who has since gone missing while out exploring. Meanwhile, the workers are slowly dying from illusions and mishaps, as they stop drilling for water and their other needs.
Decent and curious.
6 out of 10

Budding Prospects

In 1983, three hapless guys from San Francisco are lured from their sex and drugs lifestyle to the countryside to grow marijuana. They find themselves stuck in a run-down cabin in the middle of nowhere, with harsh and unfriendly growing conditions, nosy neighbors, dangerous locals, and menacing law enforcement.

Based on the 1984 book by T.C. Boyle, the characters work for a “start-up bud company”, and are heading countryside to help collect marijuana.
This show features a sick robotic show amongst its strangeness.
So insanely weird and boring.
5 out of 10

The New V.I.P.s

Four low level employees seize control of a major corporation after accidentally murdering the CEO.

This is Amazon’s attempt at South Park…and while Amazon usually tries for “new and different”, this just feels “same and worse”.
Heavy language, low-level animation, drugs.
All the dirty jokes you’d expect from something like this as well.
Crude and failing.
4 out of 10

The Legend of Master Legend

The Legend of Master Legend is a dark comedy about the life of Master Legend – a real life superhero whose mission is the security and safety of the people of Las Vegas. Master Legend juggles the demands of justice with the even more complicated demands of his real family, who don’t see him as a hero at all.

Out on the streets of Sin City fighting evildoers. He is a gardener by day, a real-life superhero at night (based out of his secret hideout in his backyard). He spends time pushing for safety and making ‘food bags’ to hand out to the people of the streets.
Terrible, despite the ending.
3.5 out of 10

Emmy 2016 Predictions

Yes, this post was supposed to happen on Friday, BEFORE the Emmy Awards, but better late than never!
These are not who I think WILL win, but who I think SHOULD win.
I also will only do categories in which I’ve seen a few of the nominees…can’t judge on something I haven’t seen.


Lead Actor in a Drama – Bob Odenkirk <Better Call Saul> — Odenkirk was great in Season 2 of Better Call Saul, as well as liking Kyle Chandler <Bloodline> or Kevin Spacey <House of Cards>.

Lead Actress in a Drama – Claire Danes <Homeland> — New respect for her as I make my way thru Homeland.

Lead Actor in a Comedy – Jeffrey Tambor <Transparent> — The obvious choice for this one, but Aziz Ansari <Master of None> deserves some consideration as well.

Lead Actress in a Comedy – Ellie Kemper <The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt> — She has been fantastic in this series, and has really broken out in this role.

Comedy Series – Master of None — Aziz Ansari took this show to a surprising place. Kimmy Schmidt is my second choice.

Drama Series – Homeland — It may just be because I am binging at the moment, but Homeland has quickly surged up the list.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – Andre Braugher <Brooklyn Nine-Nine> — His deadpan delivery is a great compliment to Andy Samberg.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series – Ben Mendelsohn <Bloodline> — I’ve been preaching about Mendelsohn for a while, and he flies under the radar for the most part, but he elevates that show to a new level.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series – Gaby Hoffmann <Transparent> — She was the backbone of the story for Season 2.

Guest Actor in a Comedy Series – Bob Newhart <Big Bang Theory> — Professor Proton and Sheldon have some great scenes together.

Guest Actor in a Drama Series – Paul Sparks <House of Cards> — I think he is the backbone of this series, as the writer of the Underwood biography, especially since all the episodes are entitled “Chapter __”.

Guest Actress in a Comedy Series – Christine Baranski <The Big Bang Theory> — As Leonard’s mother she brings out the best in him.

Guest Actress in a Drama Series – Molly Parker <House of Cards> — It’s hard to fight Frank Underwood, but she’s certainly going to try…or die trying.

Character Voice-Over Performance – Seth MacFarlane <Family Guy> — Giggidy

Variety Talk Series – The Late Late Show With James Corden — Carpool Karaoke has put this show on the map.

Reality-competition Program – The Amazing Race — This show may be approaching Season 30, but it hasn’t taken its foot off the pedal.

House of Cards Season 4 Review – No (Real) Spoilers

I’ll start off with the most important point: SEASON FOUR IS THE BEST SEASON OF HOUSE OF CARDS…so far.


When last we saw Frank and Claire things were in a very unknown place for them. In the race for Presidency, in their relationship, in every aspect of their lives. But now season 4 kicks the complicatedness between them to the next level.

We are gonna destroy them.

Claire looks to enter politics with a congressional push, but what could possibly stand in her way? Between Frank, a sick family member, and a long time seat holder, can anyone chop her down?

Fear. Brutal. Total. Let’s attack their hearts.

But as we’ve learned from all the lies over the years, the House of Cards that the show is named after just keeps getting built. It’s only a matter of time before it all comes down…

We. Are. At war.

Where previous seasons had its slow points, with lots of economics with the Chinese, and then the feuds with the Russians, it is easy to see where fans may have fallen off over the years. But this season will continue to pull  you back in, and by the end of Episode 4 you aren’t going to want to stop.

To mourn is not to fear. To grieve is not to admit defeat.

There are many moments where this season is just next level awesomeness: from Frank’s conversations with the viewers, to great banter and private talks between Frank and his new opponent: Republican Presidential candidate Will Conway (played by Joel Kinnaman).
The season also sees a nice addition of Leann Harvey, among others.

That’s right. We don’t submit to terror. We make the terror.

As I started off this review by saying, Season 4 is by far the greatest season of the show, leaving the rankings as Seasons 4, 1, 3, 2.

This season gets a rating of 9.5 out of 10 and now more than ever I want the relationship that Frank and Claire have (through their ups and downs).

House of Cards Season 4 couple pic

Golden Globes – Preview

The Golden Globes will be hosted this Sunday by Ricky Gervais, and if previous performances are any indication, they should be a hoot!
With all that in mind, here are my picks for who should win some of the categories (given the nominees…not gonna add people in who don’t even have a chance!).

Golden Globes Ricky Gervais 2016

Also, some categories have been left out because I haven’t seen enough of the movies/shows to make an opinion.

Best Motion Picture, Drama – Spotlight — Top movie of 2015, hands down, and should be awarded this accolade.
My review could be read here.

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy – The Big Short — This complex scenario was made simple in this great movie based off the Michael Lewis book.
Stay tuned in upcoming posts for my Big Short review.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy – Christian Bale, The Big Short — His performance as Dr Michael Burry is a notch above some of the other candidates.

Best Supporting Actress in any Motion Picture – Alicia Vikander, Ex Machina — An understated movie and her role as Ava, her performance shines through in a very quiet movie.

Best Director, Motion Picture – Tom McCarthy, Spotlight

Best Screenplay, Motion Picture – Spotlight, with a close second place by The Big Short.

Best Motion Picture, Animated – Inside Out — One of the best Animated movies in years.
My full review can be read here.

Best Original Song, Motion Picture – Love Me Like You Do, Fifty Shades of Grey — Any follower of my blog knows that Ellie holds a special place in my heart.

Best Television Series, Drama – Mr. Robot

Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy – Mozart in the Jungle — While OITNB and Transparent should rule this category, the fact that they are a little too serious at times may lower their value.
My review of Mozart can be read here.

Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama – Robin Wright, House of Cards

Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama – Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul — It’s hard to follow-up to a successful show, but Bob does a good job grabbing in the Breaking Bad crowd.

Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy – Aziz Ansari, Master of None
You can read my review of Master of None here.

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Show – Uzo Aduba, Orange is the New Black

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Show – Ben Mendelsohn, Bloodline
You can read my Bloodline review here.

Things To Look Out For In 2016

Brief list of some things I am looking forward to in 2016.


Kung Fu Panda




Batman v. Superman

House of Cards – Season 2

Daredevil – Netflix – Season 2

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Netflix – Season 2 – Rumored for a Spring release


Catastrophe – Amazon – Season 2


X-Men: Apocalypse – The latest trilogy comes to an end

Money Monster – Directed by Jodie Foster and starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney

Captain America: Civil War – Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins


Finding Dory


La La Land – A musical movie starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

Jason Bourne new movie – Matt Damon returns as Bourne in this yet unnamed movie

Ghostbusters — Female edition


Sully – The movie about Captain Sully and his miracle landing on the Hudson


The Accountant – Anna Kendrick…yes please

Inferno – The third book in the Dan Brown series heads to theaters


Bone Season Book 3 by Samantha Shannon – The third book in this series, The Song Rising, comes out.

Dr. Strange – Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel McAdams star in this Marvel Cinematic Universe installment

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find To Find Them – The Harry Potter world starts taking on a new life


Assassins Creed – The Movie

Unknown Dates

Rumored albums for U2 and Gwen Stefani