Because, aviously…

I made a purchase this past Sunday at a popular store (No, not Apple, for all previous readers), and my total came out to just over $10.

Unfortunately, when I looked at my credit card statement Sunday night, I noticed a $10 charge, and a $10 return.

Which was weird, because I didn’t return my item to them…

Now comes my moral dilemma…do I contact the company to tell them their mistake?

Or do I just say that “Hey, I bought it. I paid for it. They messed up, why should it be my problem?”

I mean, I basically just received my item for free…

Let me just be clear…this is a large publicly traded company…and when push comes to shove, my $10 will not make any dent in their bottom line (at least I hope not…because if so, they are in deep doo-doo).

Ultimately I don’t think I am required to contact them, as it was entirely their mistake…but what do my six readers think of this matter?



On Wednesday of the same week I went to email them, and I checked my Credit Card statement one last time…and it had popped back up on there as a Charge, so all is good.

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