Because, aviously…

I’ve recently started to listen to Sports Talk Radio again, after giving it up for a while since most of them sucked at the time.

The more I listen the more I remember why I gave up some of these shows.

I mean Mike Francesca is one of the worst sports guys out there…his arguments seem weak, and his knowledge of most sports is weaker. Some sports he has a strong handle on, but throw some hockey at him and he’s suddenly drowning in a melting pond.

On the flip side I really enjoy listening to the Michael Kay Show. They do lots of baseball (since Michael is the Yankees announcer he’s knowledgeable) and hockey isn’t ignored (his co-host Don LaGreca is the Rangers radio-studio guy), plus plenty of local stuff, including recent focus on St. Johns with the hiring of Chris Mullins.

Boomer & Carton I listened to the first morning that they were on air (September 4, 2007) and for a while after that. But when I switched to the morning shifts I was on-air in their time slot and not able to listen. Now in the mornings I flip between Elvis Duran and B&C, and their craziness and stupidities is what keeps me tuning in in the mornings.

I doubt it’ll happen because I am either busy or sleeping…but maybe I should start start listening to Steve Somers again, “The Schmoozer”.

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