Because, aviously…

People stand with groups and communities all the time. But in this case it’s different for me. This time it’s personal.

Media and TV Stations are a unique group that I am proud to be a part of, and when something like yesterday happens, it ripples through our control rooms in a sad way.

While these people are “talking heads” and “field reporters” to most people who turn on their TV, to us they are co-workers, friends, and sometimes even family.

Because of how the industry is, a lot of people move between markets (especially the smaller ones) and you meet a lot of people who end up working across the country, and this makes the “Six Degrees of Separation” a lot smaller.


Rest In Peace to two people who were just doing their job, just trying to bring the viewers the news, and got blindsighted by someone looking for 15-minutes of fame with a social media video.
Thankfully Facebook and Twitter did the right thing and immediately pulled it before it gained traction.

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