Because, aviously…

Starting a new segment today, in which I put out an all-time roster for some teams…according to my views of course.

Here is the New York Yankees roster, based on their time played with the Yankees:

1B – Lou Gehrig – The Iron Horse was a Yankee his whole career, which included 6 World Series Championships, a Triple Crown, two MVP awards and a Captain of the team.

2B – Phil Rizzuto – The Scooter was another lifetime Yankee, with 7 Championships, five-time All-Star and an MVP award.

3B – Alex Rodriguez – A-Rod played 10+ years for the Yankees, including seven All-Star games. two MVP awards a World Series Championship.

SS – Derek Jeter – Jeter spent all of his career in pinstripes, picking up 5 Championships, 14 All-Star games, all-time Leader in Hits for a SS (ML), and a team Captain.

C – Yogi Berra – Yogi played, managed and coached the Yankees in his career, which included 12 Championships with the team, 18 All-Star appearances and three MVP Awards.

OF – Joe DiMaggio – The Yankee Clipper was a lifetime Yankee with 9 Championships, 13 All-Star games, 3 MVP Awards, and a record 56-game hitting streak.

OF – Mickey Mantle – The Mick spent his career in Pinstripes with 7 Championships, 20 All-Star Games, 3 MVP Awards and a Triple Crown.

OF – Babe Ruth – The Sultan of Swat was a 4 time Champion in Pinstripes, 10-time Home Run leader (in Pinstripes) and one of the greatest players ever to play the game.

SP – Whitey Ford – Whitey was a lifetime Yankee with 6 Championships, 10 All-Star games, and a Cy Young Award.

SP – Ron Guidry – Gator’s full-career in Pinstripes had 2 Championships, 4 All-Star games, a Cy Young Award, and the label of Captain.

SP – Andy Pettitte – Andy had 5 World Series Championships, 3 All-Star games, and a wizard in the playoffs, holding records for most playoff wins (19), starts (44) and innings pitched (276.2).

SP – Lefty Gomez – Lefty also had 5 Championships, 7 All-Star games and one of a handful of pitchers to have two Triple Crown’s.

SP – Red Ruffing – Red won 6 Championships and played in 6 All-Star games as well.

CP – Mariano Rivera – Possibly the greatest pitcher of all-time, Mo had 5 Championships, 13 All-Star games, and hold the record for most career Saves (652).

If I was expanding the roster to include a bench, players on there would include:

  • Roger Maris
  • Greg Nettles
  • Bill Dickey
  • Don Mattingly
  • Robinson Cano

A bullpen would include:

  • Goose Gossage
  • Sparky Lyle

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