Because, aviously…

About 13 months ago I stated that I had started listening to Sports Talk Radio, and these days I listen more than I ever have before.

When I leave work, I no longer want to hear “News”, as politics and serious stories have had their fill for the day.
In the same sense, once it gets past 8AM, most sports news is old sports news, as we are all caught up on last nights scores and storylines.

So the focus becomes digging up good sports conversations and talking points, or just plain old chatting about the idiotic things in the world, that keeps me entertained.

With all that in mind, here is what I’m listening to these days on the radio…surprisingly all three shows are from the same station, 98.7 ESPN-NY.

  • The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz – 10AM-12PM – This show is the one that only has two type of people:
    Those that hate the show, and those that love it. And it’s the ones who hate it that keep it on the air.
    Dan lives off of the hate that spews from the listeners, who mostly just don’t get the show, and Stugotz is the perfect sidekick…because he is the strangest man you will ever listen to.
    From regular guests Tim Kurkjian’s infectious laugh to “What He Looks Like” to the weekly mis-timing of Greg Cote and “Back in my Day” this show should pull most people into the insanity and giant mess that ESPN puts on-air.
  • Hahn and Humpty – 12PM-3PM — Alan Hahn, Newsday writer who used to cover the NY Islanders, and Rick DiPietro, Former New York Islanders goaltender, host this show, which was designed for overnights.
    They used to be on late nights, after Rangers/Knicks games, and they had no issue featuring dirtier talk. But when they got moved to midday, they promised to not change a thing…and they haven’t.
    It’s your late-night comedy hour airing in noon form. And it’s fantastic.
    It also features Bill Daughtry who does the Sports Center “What you need to know” updates, and as a third member of the chat team.
  • The Michael Kay Show – 3PM-7PM — Michael Kay, Yankees broadcaster, and Don La Greca, Rangers studio host, host this show.
    From crazy rants, in which no one is watching, to trying to convince everyone that they don’t just talk about the Yankees, this show really does cover everything.
    The addition of Peter Rosenberg, from “Ebro in the Morning” on Hot-97, has brought pop culture and off-sports to the show (like WWE and Boxing).
    That doesn’t include what has quickly become their most popular segment: EEN (ESPN Evening News), in which they cover all sorts of oddities that happen in and out of the sports world. This has actually been repeated recently on Hahn and Humpty in the form of a segment called “Afternoon Delight”.

ESPN NY Poster

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