Because, aviously…

Over a year ago I got and reviewed the Automatic car adaptor.

Well, just over a year after they released the first edition, they have come out with their new Pro model, which is a definite step up and worth the extra $$.

Automatic is a “Smart Driving Assistant” plugged into your cars computer. With that access it gives you mappings of all your trips, ‘check engine light’ statuses and  safe driving feedback.

But one issue with the first edition was that it needed to connect to your phone (via Bluetooth) in order to upload the data to the cloud, allowing you access on your phone or online.

Now the Pro comes with free 3G connectivity, allowing the device to have a constant upload connection, meaning no more phone to connect to.

This means if someone steals your car you can track its location (or if one of your kids is out with the car).

This is also important for the “Crash Assist” mode, which can automatically call 9-1-1 as well as notify your family members, in the event of an accident.
Previously it would get the “car location” from your phone…which meant that if your phone was currently disconnected from Automatic, it wouldn’t know where you were located.
Now with 3G it is able to locate the vehicle and send the appropriate material to the right places.

Automatic got an 8, and the Automatic Pro gets a 9 out of 10 thanks to the 3G upgrade.


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