Because, aviously…

Everyone has got the brackets going for March Madness, and the popular one this weekend was Disney vs Pixar…and even though I voted on a friends poll (his didn’t go my way), I figured I’d put my thoughts out there on the Disney/Pixar universe!
And maybe this will also be my first bracket in a new segment?


Lion King vs. Tarzan – Lion King — Tarzan is an Ape Man, and that’s pretty cool…but the hyenas will laugh them out of this competition
Princess and the Frog vs. Lilo & Stitch – Lilo & Stitch — That little blue creep moves on
Tangled vs. Big Hero 6 – Tangled — I didn’t watch either of these…so I advanced the one that I know more about
Frozen vs. Moana – Moana — One of the toughest matchups of the first round, and while Frozen was a good fad, Moana will likely stand the test of time

Aladdin vs. Hercules – Aladdin — Abu could kick Hercules’ butt…
The Little Mermaid vs. Pocahantas – The Little Mermaid — Under the sea, under the sea…come on, sing along!
Mulan vs. Zootopia – Zootopia — Mulan is a tough one to beat, but the sloth of Zootopia zooms through this round
Beauty and the Beast vs. Nightmare Before Christmas – Beauty and the Beast — I mean is this even a contest?

Up vs. Brave – Up — Up tugs at all the right strings
Toy Story vs. Toy Story 2 – Toy Story — The OG will almost always trump the sequels
Coco vs. Cars 2 – Coco — Coco may be the most recent, but Tow Mater can’t pull Cars 2 out of the muck
Toy Story 3 vs. The Good Dinosaur – Toy Story 3 — Andy grew up so quick…

Ratatouille vs. A Bugs Life – Ratatouille — I just don’t know that A Bugs Life stands up the test of time
Finding Nemo vs. Inside Out – Inside Out — The other tough matchup of the first round, and while Finding Nemo is probably Top-3 All-Time for me, Inside Out ranks just a little higher
Monsters Inc. vs. Cars – Monsters, Inc. — I love Lightning McQueen, but Mike Wazowski is a GOAT
The Incredibles vs. Wall-E – Wall-E — Say it in the slowest voice possible: “Wall-E”


Lion King vs. Lilo & Stitch – Lion King — Mufasa roars through to the Elite Eight
Tangled vs. Moana – Moana — Hei Hei, I’m going to beat you

Aladdin vs. The Little Mermaid – Aladdin — This is the toughest region, and the magic carpet ride will continue
Zootopia vs. Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast — Such a decision, but Lumiere will French all over the bunnies

Up vs. Toy Story – Toy Story — A really tight battle, but Woody and Buzz will continue too infinity and beyond
Coco vs. Toy Story 3 – Coco — No third-rate Toy Story is going to knock out Dia de Muertos

Ratatouille vs. Inside Out – Inside Out — The foods in Ratatouille are almost too much to handle, but the feelings are just going to push on thru
Monsters, Inc. vs. Wall-E – Monsters, Inc. — Robots and the future is cool, but I’d rather check out what’s under the bed


Lion King vs. Moana – Lion King — say Aloha to Moana, as the African pride stampedes on

Aladdin vs. Beauty and the Beast – Aladdin — Even to myself this was an upset…but Belle just can’t compete with Robin Williams and the Genie

Toy Story vs. Coco – Coco — Writing Andy on my shoe would’ve moved on a month ago, but now my life has changed and I will Forever Remember Coco

Inside Out vs. Monsters, Inc. – Monsters, Inc. — Another upset as Monsters, Inc. takes out Sadness, and Roz advances


Lion King (1) vs. Aladdin (1) – Lion King — If this was the final matchup, I wouldn’t be upset. But regions are regions, and rules are rules…and Lion King is a Timon ahead of the competition…but they aren’t (Ja)far behind!!

Coco (3) vs. Monsters, Inc. (3) – Monsters, Inc. — I’m actually surprised at how far Sulley has stumbled thru this tournament


Lion King vs. Monsters, Inc. – LION KING — In this competition, they just can’t wait to be King. Monsters, Inc. is a really good, and somewhat underrated movie, but Simba will r

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