Desert Island – TV Shows

Today’s “Desert Island” category will be TV Shows. Somehow the island I got stranded on has a DVD player and a monitor, and a single working outlet (strangely on the base of a palm tree)…lucky me!

What TV shows would you bring with you on this journey?

  1. Friends – If you are stuck on a desert island, you can be sure that no one told you life was gonna be this way….
  2. West Wing – One of the greatest drama’s that’s been on TV.
  3. Parks & Rec – Ron Swanson is exactly what you need to survive in the wild.
  4. Breaking Bad – Who would you sell the blue stuff to on the island?
  5. Big Bang Theory – The only problem with this show, is I’ll never know how it ends, since it’s still on the air…maybe glass bottles will float up with new episodes?

Desert Island TV Shows

2 responses to “Desert Island – TV Shows

  1. Lol, love this game!
    1) Parks & Rec
    2) Modern Family
    3) Grey’s Anatomy
    4) Castle
    5) Code Black

  2. Parks and Rec would definitely be on my list too!

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