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Master of None #Season2

Master of None is back for another whirlwind season, as Aziz Ansari’s Dev continues his pasta making in Italy.

The season starts with Dev getting a birthday text from his ex, Rachel, sending him off into another tailspin and world traveling adventure.

The show touching on everything, from religion and dating to Clash of the Cupcakes and pork.
But it’s Aziz’s humor and supporting cast (and cameos) that keep this show a step above some of the other ones.

I’m a kid, I don’t watch Netflix. -Mario

Alessandra Mastronardi stars as Francesca, Eric Wareheim is back as the ‘big to his little’ Arnold.
Meanwhile, John Legend shows up for a musical performance, and Bobby Cannavale has a recurring role as the loud Chef Jeff.
And of course, the underrated stars of Season 1, his actual parents, make their return, this time with more tech issues for him to solve, and make him feel a little guilty for living his life.

Aren’t you two grown a** men? – Denise
Yeah, but we’re scared of our parents! – Dev

My favorite episode actually doesn’t star any of our main characters and is entitled New York, I Love You. The episode cycles through the lives of a few New Yorkers and highlights the ups and downs of working the needed jobs of NYC, from a doorman to a deaf grocery clerk to a taxi driver.

The show was thoroughly enjoyable and holds up its 8.5 out of 10.

Emmy 2016 Predictions

Yes, this post was supposed to happen on Friday, BEFORE the Emmy Awards, but better late than never!
These are not who I think WILL win, but who I think SHOULD win.
I also will only do categories in which I’ve seen a few of the nominees…can’t judge on something I haven’t seen.


Lead Actor in a Drama – Bob Odenkirk <Better Call Saul> — Odenkirk was great in Season 2 of Better Call Saul, as well as liking Kyle Chandler <Bloodline> or Kevin Spacey <House of Cards>.

Lead Actress in a Drama – Claire Danes <Homeland> — New respect for her as I make my way thru Homeland.

Lead Actor in a Comedy – Jeffrey Tambor <Transparent> — The obvious choice for this one, but Aziz Ansari <Master of None> deserves some consideration as well.

Lead Actress in a Comedy – Ellie Kemper <The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt> — She has been fantastic in this series, and has really broken out in this role.

Comedy Series – Master of None — Aziz Ansari took this show to a surprising place. Kimmy Schmidt is my second choice.

Drama Series – Homeland — It may just be because I am binging at the moment, but Homeland has quickly surged up the list.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – Andre Braugher <Brooklyn Nine-Nine> — His deadpan delivery is a great compliment to Andy Samberg.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series – Ben Mendelsohn <Bloodline> — I’ve been preaching about Mendelsohn for a while, and he flies under the radar for the most part, but he elevates that show to a new level.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series – Gaby Hoffmann <Transparent> — She was the backbone of the story for Season 2.

Guest Actor in a Comedy Series – Bob Newhart <Big Bang Theory> — Professor Proton and Sheldon have some great scenes together.

Guest Actor in a Drama Series – Paul Sparks <House of Cards> — I think he is the backbone of this series, as the writer of the Underwood biography, especially since all the episodes are entitled “Chapter __”.

Guest Actress in a Comedy Series – Christine Baranski <The Big Bang Theory> — As Leonard’s mother she brings out the best in him.

Guest Actress in a Drama Series – Molly Parker <House of Cards> — It’s hard to fight Frank Underwood, but she’s certainly going to try…or die trying.

Character Voice-Over Performance – Seth MacFarlane <Family Guy> — Giggidy

Variety Talk Series – The Late Late Show With James Corden — Carpool Karaoke has put this show on the map.

Reality-competition Program – The Amazing Race — This show may be approaching Season 30, but it hasn’t taken its foot off the pedal.

Golden Globes – Preview

The Golden Globes will be hosted this Sunday by Ricky Gervais, and if previous performances are any indication, they should be a hoot!
With all that in mind, here are my picks for who should win some of the categories (given the nominees…not gonna add people in who don’t even have a chance!).

Golden Globes Ricky Gervais 2016

Also, some categories have been left out because I haven’t seen enough of the movies/shows to make an opinion.

Best Motion Picture, Drama – Spotlight — Top movie of 2015, hands down, and should be awarded this accolade.
My review could be read here.

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy – The Big Short — This complex scenario was made simple in this great movie based off the Michael Lewis book.
Stay tuned in upcoming posts for my Big Short review.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy – Christian Bale, The Big Short — His performance as Dr Michael Burry is a notch above some of the other candidates.

Best Supporting Actress in any Motion Picture – Alicia Vikander, Ex Machina — An understated movie and her role as Ava, her performance shines through in a very quiet movie.

Best Director, Motion Picture – Tom McCarthy, Spotlight

Best Screenplay, Motion Picture – Spotlight, with a close second place by The Big Short.

Best Motion Picture, Animated – Inside Out — One of the best Animated movies in years.
My full review can be read here.

Best Original Song, Motion Picture – Love Me Like You Do, Fifty Shades of Grey — Any follower of my blog knows that Ellie holds a special place in my heart.

Best Television Series, Drama – Mr. Robot

Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy – Mozart in the Jungle — While OITNB and Transparent should rule this category, the fact that they are a little too serious at times may lower their value.
My review of Mozart can be read here.

Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama – Robin Wright, House of Cards

Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama – Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul — It’s hard to follow-up to a successful show, but Bob does a good job grabbing in the Breaking Bad crowd.

Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy – Aziz Ansari, Master of None
You can read my review of Master of None here.

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Show – Uzo Aduba, Orange is the New Black

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Show – Ben Mendelsohn, Bloodline
You can read my Bloodline review here.

Master Of None – Netflix – #Review

Aziz Ansari’s new show, Master of None, came out on Netflix this weekend, and if you like his style, it’ll be five hours well spent.

The storyline follows Dev, an actor living in New York, making his money doing commercials and shooting a movie.
His search for a girlfriend, Rachel (played by the insanely cute Noel Wells), makes the story of Dev intriguing.

Aziz Ansari and Noel Wells

The first half of the season, as things got set up, the show felt a little slow, but by Episode 6 (Nashville) I was pulled in, <SPOILER> just like Rachel is to Dev’s charm <END SPOILER>.

The show also touches on many different topics, such as race, the elderly, immigration, and feels very well rounded.

Aziz has a unique style, as anyone who watched Parks & Rec knows, and it plays out in full here. From his random singing of lines to the excited child in a toy store, this show is very enjoyable.

I see it as highly likely that we see a Season 2, and this show gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Master Of None