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Al Tanger – Broadcasting Great – Dead at 94

Al Tanger passed away on Saturday, June 21st, at the age of 94.

The more days that pass since his death, the more incredible things I keep hearing about the man.

For starters, all I’d known about him was that the Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College was named after him and his wife. I’ve now come to know that the Woody Tanger Auditorium at the Brooklyn College Library, is named after his son.

But that is all just the tip of the iceberg.

Born in Brooklyn, Al Tanger went on to become a successful radio owner, owning stations in Rhode Island and Maine, among others.

But after ownership, he decided he wanted more, and went to Brooklyn College, graduating at the young age of 81. Nope, that isn’t a mistake. He was part of, and the commencement speaker of, the class of 2001 (speech at the bottom of this article).

In 2009, Al Tanger was inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasting Hall of Fame, in the same class as Fred Cusick (long-time Boston Bruins announcer (40+ years)) and The Big Mattress host Charles Laquidara (which ran for 30 years), among others.

Info for this post gathered from Inside Radio, the Massachusetts Broadcasting Hall of Fame, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

The Lego Movie Takeaways

While most of my shows are off for the summer, I decided today to watch The Lego Movie.

A really funny story, taking place mostly in a Lego World, with everything made of Lego pieces (from the characters to flames, and everything in-between), and including voices such as Chris Pratt, Liam Neeson and Charlie Day, it is a great movie for all ages, with lots of cool lessons.

Hey everybody. You don’t know me, but can believe me. I’m on TV.


And the ultimate lesson: Break free from being a Master Builder. You don’t need to constantly follow all instructions to a T, but instead live outside the mold, and do what feels right, and you never know what might happen!

Good-bye Micro-managers, and just stay positive!

Rant on @CBS & @Aereo

With the ruling on Aereo, I fear that they will stop offering their service.

And while I pay for cable at home and Hulu+/Netflix/Amazon Prime, you may wonder why I even use Aereo.

It’s simple really.

The CBS website and App sucks.

While other channels that I watch (namely FOX and NBC) offer their shows up easily the morning after they air, through Hulu+ (and probably through their websites and own apps as well), CBS makes it very difficult to find their shows/episodes.

I haven’t missed an episode of Person of Interest (3 seasons) or The Amazing Race (24 seasons), all thanks to watching it live on Television, or watching it the next day, using my Aereo DVR.

If only CBS would join in on Hulu, and make it one easy place to Queue up New Episodes, so that I’ll never have to miss an episode again…now that my Aereo records are likely to go away.


Oakland Athletics Unicorns

In every sport, rookie hazing happens.

In some sports it’s a little harsh, but in baseball bullpens, it’s generally carrying around a really girly bag.

Or in the case of the Oakland Athletics, a unicorn attached to a Hello Kitty backpack.

And it has become a thing.

So much so, that the A’s will be giving away Unicorn Backpacks to attendees on August 24th. LINK

Is it bad that I want to go to Oakland, just so I can get a backpack?

Breadsmith Coming to Brooklyn

Whenever I visit my sister in South Bend, Indiana, one of the places I love going to there is Breadsmith.

Breadsmith is an “Artisan Bread Bakery” that has amazing breads, as well as ‘desserts’, such as cookies and brownies.

When I went down last February to the D.C. and Maryland areas, I was happy to find a Kosher Breadsmith located there, and made a stop to load up before my drive back to Brooklyn.

Well, I no longer need to go travel in order to get to a Breadsmith.

Breadsmith is opening in Brooklyn!!!!!!!

The location will be on Avenue M and East 18th, and while the website still says “Coming Soon”, and doesn’t yet have the ‘dietary information’, such as if the store will be Kosher…one has to assume that based on the location, it would have to be Kosher.

I’m sure now that I have one near me, it will quickly lose its thrill…but I hope it doesn’t, and I hope I don’t get fat…

Smart Watch – Moto 360

During the week I don’t generally wear a watch, but as more smart watches come out, and the features improve, their is one watch that I have been looking at for months, and can’t wait until the announcement and release (which may very well be announced tomorrow!).

That watch is the Moto 360.

It is all still rumors until that inevitable announcement, but the biggest question, and what will ultimately help me decide if I want to buy it or not, is how long the battery life is.

With wireless charging, charging at home certainly won’t be a problem. But if the battery life is poor, it would deter lots of buyers.

Information already floating around (and certainly not confirmed by Microsoft) includes a price tag of around $250, which may be cheaper when bundled with the as-of-yet non-announced Moto X+1. <On that note, I currently have, and love, the Moto X, and would definitely be open to an upgrade when it comes out!>

The phone will also be compatible with any Android 4.3 and up, and is said to run Google Now, suggesting that it will be voice commanded, and include things such as your calendar, and GPS/Maps.

This will also be the first Smart Watch with a rounded face, and is supposed to have different bands, including leather and metal.

Bronx Zoo

I went yesterday to the Bronx Zoo. I go there all the time, but this is the first time I’ve gone in the summer in a few years.

As such, I was able to go on Wild Asia, which is usually closed when I am there, and all the exhibits had a lot more animals then I remember, as they are all out in the gorgeous weather.

Below I’m gonna throw a bunch’a pictures, and give some back story when I have any.

Deer - Wild Asia

This was taken on the Wild Asia ride…in which the deer roam free, with over 70 deer in the exhibit – It was incredible to see!


Elephants - Wild Asia

These bad boys were also on display there, and are always fun to see.


Lions - Triplets

The lions last summer had baby triplets! On display was the mother, older sister, and the triplets. They are a little far away, but still a sight to see.
Update: I misspoke. These were actually quadruplets!!!


Tiger Mountain

The final three pictures are from Tiger Mountain, which lets you get up close and personal with tigers!

Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain 2

Tiger Mountain 3

BTW, as a side note: The tiger is my favorite animal, and this last pic, is exactly why.