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The Last Man On Earth – Preview (Minor Spoilers)

The Last Man On Earth is an upcoming show on FOX starring Will Forte.

The show takes places 2+ years after “The Virus” has cleaned out America, and Phil Miller has finished roaming the United States in search for other life.
He has crossed out 50 States, leaving “Alive In Tuscon” spray painted across the country, just in case someone is still out there.

He has picked up knickknacks from all over, Presidential seals to Paintings, disobeying all laws, as their is no one around to say otherwise.

That is until Episode 2 when the all-proper, ever-law obeying, Carol (Kristen Schaal) shows up, and forces him to start playing by the rules. Stopping for stop signs, not taking the “Handicap Parking Spots”, and cleaning up after himself.

The show has some minor potential, but it is very minor at this point, as they try to repopulate the world…and overall it is a 4 out of 10.


Let The Binging Begin!

Today marks the return of the Sports Emmy nominated series: Behind The Mask for a second season, featuring the shows first female mascot, an autistic mascot, the returning Penguin, and the San Francisco Giants seal.


Tomorrow is the launch of Netflix’s Season 3 of House of Cards. With Season 2 being all about the Chinese, Season 3 is said to have the Russian angle.


Either way, this weekend is gonna have a lot of watching in it!

Parks & Rec Finale – Review

Last night brought a joyous end to Parks & Recreation, and through it all Mayor Gary was told to “Have some dignity” (Tom).

The show was full of flash-forward in which we see where everyone is holding in the future…as if the Season taking place in 2017 wasn’t future enough!

  • Donna —– 2023 —– Living in Seattle, with her husband, as a highly successful real estate agent. Together with April she starts “Teach ‘Yo Self” a program to help bring math programs back to schools.
  • Craig —– 2019 —– An amazing singer, getting married, and being brought down to a calming level (or at least trying to be)
  • April & Andy —– 2022 —– Living in D.C. — Andy wants kids, but April is worried about bringing demon babies into this world. After a talk with Leslie and Ben they decide to go for it, and on Halloween 2023 they give birth to little “Burt Snakehold Ludgate Karate Dracula Macklin Domon Jack-o’-Lantern Dwyer” or ‘Jack’ for short.
  • Jean-Ralphio —– 2022 — Running insurance scams, including faking his own death (and having “Bend Over by Lil John” playing at his funeral) to get the money to open a casino in Tajikistan with his sister.
  • Tom —– 2019 —– Working on a 20-city expansion on Tom’s Bistro, until the markets crash and he loses everything (as seen in the self-made documentary “Gone Wrong”. He’s still with Lucy, and goes on to write a best-selling book “Failure – An American Success Story” featuring all the “types of people you can be”, which are of course based off his friends.
  • Garry —– Mayor for a few weeks, before actually being elected in a large write-in vote. He continues to be a 10X Mayor of Pawnee, and dies on his 100th birthday, with his wife still looking amazing. At his funeral they give him the ultimate notary honor of a 21-stamp salute. And of course they spell his name wrong on his tombstone.
  • Ron —– 2022 —– Retires from Very Good Building and Development Co. He goes out and diversifies his portfolio by becoming a 51% investor in the Lagavulin Distillery. He is then appointed Superintendent of Gryzzl sponsored Pawnee National Park, and you seem him sailing across a lake on his “Lucky Boy” canoe, with a huge smile on his face…which is a great sight for Ronald Ulysses Swanson.
  • Leslie & Ben —– 2025 —– Washington D.C. —– Playing charades with Joe Biden, both are approached to run for Governor of Indiana, against one another…so they do the only thing they can think of: Go back to Pawnee for a giant reunion with everyone, including the Beautiful Mermaid Ann.
    And of course Leslie and Ann have plans for their kids to fall in love with each other…
  • 2035 —– 2-term Governor Leslie Knope is presented an honorary degree at Indiana University, and they name the library after her.

All in all, this was a great finale for an even greater show…the episode gets a 10 out of 10 for a show that is easily at least an Overall 9 out of 10.


Why I Won’t Give To The @RedCross

Whenever a disaster happens, people tend to start giving to charities again…and now with all the cold weather I heard reports last week of an increase in the usage of Red Cross and how they were requesting donations and funding.

Me, well I refuse to give to the Red Cross and rightfully so. The story goes like this:

November 2005. Awoken at 1AM to the smell of smoke, the noise of detectors, and the sounds of fire engines. There is a fire in the downstairs apartment.

Thankfully everyone gets out okay, and the fire + water damage is contained to mostly one room. But the house is filled with smoke on a cold night in November, and the electricity has been turned off by the FDNY.

The Red Cross shows up, and offers the tenants a place to stay for the night, since the fire happened in their apartment.

When we walk up to the Red Cross agent on the scene, the response was: Well, since the fire wasn’t in your apartment, we can’t help you.

Well Red Cross…we can’t help you either.

And one day, when I am rich, whether via Lottery winnings or hard work, I won’t forget you Red Cross and all the greatness and caring you do for those right here at home in America.

Paying For My Lunches

Usually when you are invited away for a Shabbos (Sabbath) lunch, you bring a food item or something similar, to help chip in for the meal.

When I go, I am usually busy during the week not having time to shop + drop off, or I just can’t carry it there day of, so instead I will either buy them something after the fact (something I know they need/can use) or I will just send them a check, usually for an amount more than what I ate…or what I would have been.

Surprisingly I got an email from Chase last week, that one of my payments was declined.

I had sent a check for a lunch in November, via Chase Pay (in which they mail the check for me (saves on postage 😉 )), and it hadn’t been cashed within 90 days, so Chase refunded me my money.

I don’t mind taking my money back, but if someone gives you a check, why wouldn’t you just cash it right away…instead of letting it go to waste.

More and more banks these days are offering “Check Depositing” in their mobile apps…so if your bank offers that, you should get on it, it’s a great feature!


This Sunday is the Daytona 500, and the kickoff to the 2015 NASCAR season.

The biggest story line this year will be the final year of Jeff Gordon’s Championship Career, and he looks to make it a great season, grabbing pole position for this weekend.

As I’ve expressed here before, I am a Tony Stewart fan, and have been for years, and this by default has me rooting for Stewart-Haas racing as a whole. And what a cast of characters we have this year…The Owner, The Crazy Ninja Ex, The Women, and The Reigning Champion.
This team has won 2 of the last 4 championships, which is kind of unheard of from a small organization that they’ve built…and with Harvick racing as he was last year, and Stewart seeking his first win in over a year, look for them to repeat, unless JG24 has something to say about it.

And lastly, ESPN is finally out of the running in airing races. I never cared for their coverage anyways (and that’s not just for NASCAR), but this year will be all about Fox Sports for the first half of the season, and NBC Sports for the second half and the Playoffs.
After watching the Sprint Unlimited last weekend, on Fox Sports, I like what they’ve done with the layout of information presented to the viewers, and hopefully it’ll be a good season 🙂


The #Oscars

Here we go with some of my (mostly unbaised) Oscar prediction…which if the Grammy’s taught us, means I’ll get about 10% correct 🙂

Best Picture – Birdman……A lot of people think Boyhood will win it, and the dark horse is American Sniper with all of its  recent publicity. But look for Birdman to be the big winner of the night.

Actor in a Leading Role – Bradley Cooper | American Sniper……If any award sneaks in for American Sniper, it is likely to be this one, although Michael Keaton (Birdman) has a chance and most likely Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) will win this one.

Actor in a Supporting Role – J.K. Simmons | Whiplash……He has won every award ceremony so far this year, and it’s highly unlikely that he won’t win this one as well.

Actress in a Leading Role – Julianne Moore | Still Alice……Long overdue, having lost multiple times in big spots, this will finally be Moore’s year, as she will hold off Marion Cotillard (Two Days, One Night).

Actress in a Supporting Role – Emma Stone | Birdman……Was there any doubt on who I would pick here? But if we want the unbaised option, it’ll be Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) taking home the award.

Animated Feature Film – Big Hero 6……This award is always a free-for-all, but this may be the Big Hero of the night.

Visual Effects – Dawn of the Plane of the Apes……While I would hope for an X-Men win, the apes will grab this one.

Writing, Original Screenplay – Boyhood……What was done with this movie was ingenious and could only be pulled off as a novelty once, and for that it’ll win.

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.