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Fourth try at a bracket, after the highly successful ones of Disney vs. PixarNetflix, and Amazon vs. Hulu brackets is the Marvel Universe. The bracket was taken from Twitter user @Rye_B_Thats_Me.

Spoiler alert: I think I really like the X-Men movies.


The Avengers vs. Thor: The Dark World – The Avengers — I mean, The Avengers was the end of Phase I, and the movie that started tying all our favorite characters together
Spider-Man (2002) vs. X-Men (2000) – X-Men — No one can deny that Spider-Man was a great movie, but X-Men launched this entire Marvel Universe into existence
Thor: Ragnarok vs. Ant-Man – Thor: Ragnorak — I did not particularly like either of these…but the lesser of two evil (villains)
Logan vs. Blade 2 – Logan — I loved Logan…and I’ve never seen Blade 2, so this one was pretty easy!

Captain America: Civil War vs. X-Men: Apocalypse – Captain America: Civil War — This was it. Our favorite heroes battling against each other, over the future of their kind
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 vs. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Spider-Man: Homecoming — This movie was a rejuvenation and breath of fresh air to a becomingly stale series
X-Men: Days of Future Past vs. Iron Man 2 – X-Men: Days of Future Past — Iron Man is a solid character, but the origin stories and going back in time to the beginnings and creations of the X-Men wins out
Deadpool vs. The Wolverine – Deadpool — This one was really tough because I love Wolverine, both the movie and character, but Deadpool and its comedy changed the future of MCU movies and comedy

Spider-Man 2 vs. Fantastic 4 (2005) – Spider-Man 2 — The Fantastic 4 movies never really took off…nor were they very good
X-Men 2 vs. Iron Man 3 – X2 — Both equally medium, one had to move on
Avengers: Age of Ultron vs. Thor – Thor — Thor was good at the onset, before getting more boring as time went on
Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. Blade – Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Same as before…I’ve never seen the Blade movies, and Bucky was great as Winter Soldier (Spoiler Alert? But if you are reading this bracket, you should expect those here…)

Black Panther vs. X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Black Panther — Black Panther is going to have recency bias for many, and it is better than Origins: Wolverine…but not by much
X-Men: First Class vs. Captain America: The First Avenger – X-Men: First Class — The start of the X-Men and the beginning of their story
Iron Man vs. Doctor Strange – Iron Man — Doctor Strange was a whole different version of superhero and Marvel, but Iron Man started the current MCU universe
Guardians of the Galaxy vs. The Amazing Spiderman – The Amazing Spiderman — Guardians was a fun different brand of MCU, but Emma Stone is gonna push most movies over the edge


The Avengers vs. X-Men (2000) – X-Men — The Avengers is fantastic, but I think the fact that the mutants of X-Men were the first (good) movie of the modern era moves it along
Thor: Ragnorak vs. Logan – Logan — Logan all the way. The entertainment levels are so high in this movie…compared to the bore of Thor…

Captain America: Civil War vs. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Captain America: Civil War — Spider-Man appears in Captain America, so how can his awesome character win out over the full collection?
X-Men: Days of Future Past vs. Deadpool – X-Men: Days of Future Past — Intensity is what MCU is based on, and while comedy is fun, the strength of Future Past powers thru

Spider-Man 2 vs. X-Men 2 – Spider-Man 2 — Doc Ock pushes past the X-Men series
Thor vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Thor is one of the weaker series’ amongst the individuals, and Cap basically represents America

Black Panther vs. X-Men: First Class – Black Panther — Wakanda Forever
Iron Man vs. The Amazing Spiderman – Iron Man — Tony Stark will win out over Peter Parker


X-Men (2000) vs. Logan – X-Men — The OG wins out

Captain America: Civil War vs. X-Men Days of Future Past – Captain America: Civil War — The originals and individual movies are great, but when you put all these powerhouses together it just creates an unbelievable movie. And while both of these feature great casts of characters, Civil War is the better of the two

Spider-Man 2 vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Captain America: The Winter Soldier — The weakest bracket has Hydra moving on thru to the Final Four

Black Panther vs. Iron Man – Black Panther — I started off by saying how Black Panther may have recency bias, but it really does have a lot going for it


X-Men (2000) vs. Captain America: Civil War – X-Men — I’ll go back to what I said in the first round…this movie was the one that really launched this entire franchise, and should be in the Championship game

Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. Black Panther – Black Panther — The newest movie is also the one heading to the Championship


X-Men (2000) vs. Black Panther – X-MEN (2000) — When I started filling out this bracket, I did NOT think that this movie would be the ultimate champion. But when you look at it big picture, the entire MCU universe only exists because of the success that X-Men started off with in 2000. Without it, we never would’ve gotten to Black Panther in 2018. It’s kinda fitting that the first good movie in this bracket, and the most recent one, face off against each other

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