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While I have mainly stayed away from sports on here, forgive me if I am going to just sports-freak-out for a minute…


Last night was insane. I was so wired and hyper after that game, and then this morning I went and visited the Rangerstown logo that has been floating around NYC:

Bo4MWbwCAAAUhn9And then I went to the NHL store, with the intent of NOT BUYING ANYTHING.

Yeah, that didn’t go so well.

I bought a ECF puck, to add to my collection (see last Friday’s post), and then of course I bought a cap.


Super excited. Super pumped. And can’t wait for the next round, and a chance to win the Stanley Cup!!!



Goat. Riding a guy. Riding a bike.

The title should be more than enough for you to watch this.

Citi Bike Birthday @CitiBikeNYC

Citi Bike has now entered into their second year in existence.

I am happy to say that I was among one of the early members of the program, and might have even made it worth the price.

Obviously a lot of people use this on a daily basis, be it biking from the train to work, or even over the Brooklyn Bridge to get to/from work. But with my schedule, and the lack of bikes near my house, I only used it a small number of times throughout the year.

It’s recently been revealed that the private company who runs this program, owes the city nearly $1 million for the parking spots they took up in 2013.

Now, whilst the Mayor of New York has already stated that he will not put any taxpayer money into this program, the city has stated that they aren’t going to be too forceful going after the company to pay, as the company is still growing, and at the right time, NYC will get their money.

Personally, I think New York City should throw a little money into this program, to help expand it to all areas of the five-boroughs.

This can help congestion in a lot of areas, as more people may skip the car and grab a bike instead.

I think in my area of Brooklyn in particular, people are often going out and driving all of 5-10 blocks, and then have to search for parking.

We live in a world where people are just a little too lazy to walk a few blocks, but mostly wouldn’t have an issue biking the same distance, if they knew they wouldn’t have to worry about parking (or purchasing an actual bike that they’d need to maintain).

#Riot Re-Reviewed – Still Sucks

Still sucks.

Slanted floor is a stupid game, and completely pointless. Purposely spilling things so that it falls, to gain a cheap laugh.

Fun fact: This show is beyond stupid, and not worth an ounce of anyone’s time.

The only part I enjoyed was “A Bunch Of Jerks”, and only because a bunch of jerks stole the best games from Whose Line Is It Anyways?.

I’m done with this show.

Bear Mountain #AvisTravels


Bear Mountain

This past Sunday, for the second consecutive year, I headed up to Bear Mountain for another adventure in #AvisTravels.

We headed out early, leaving Brooklyn around 8AM, beating traffic out of NYC and making great timing up to Bear Mountain.

The weather couldn’t’ve been better. If you were to plan a day out, this was the weather for it. Mid-70s, no strong winds, no rain in sight…

We took off on the Appalachian Trail starting out at the Bear Mountain Inn, heading North.

Our first stop was at the Trailside Museums and Zoo, which is a rehabilitation zoo. Most of the animals there have suffered injuries of some sort, whether naturally or from vehicular accidents, and they are on the mend. The animals with long term injuries are made comfortable and given enclosures.

After that we headed towards Fort Clinton, a fort that we lost during the revolutionary war, and then hiked under the Bear Mountain Bridge and across the Popolopen Creek to Fort Hamilton.

At Fort Hamilton we discovered another parking lot, which would’ve been nice, had we realized before, so that lunch could’ve been planned better…but their is always next year for that 🙂

After a hike back, we ate lunch on the grass, before heading back to Brooklyn, beating traffic back in that direction as well.

Total hiking was only about 2.5 miles, but most of it was hills and rocky areas, which takes time and effort.

All-in-all, it was a pretty good day!


Popolopen Creek

Memorabilia and Collections

In my room I have a nice little collection of sports memorabilia as well as knickknacks and collectibles from different places I’ve visited.

 And now…to break it all down:

In 1 pucks-balls - Copy

A – Puck from the 1994 New York Rangers Stanley Cup run (Signed by UNKNOWN)

B, C & E – Pucks from random Rangers games I’ve been to, generally fresh off the ice

D – Commemorative puck from the Rangers vs. Devils 2014 Stadium Series

F – Official Jackie Robinson signed baseball

G – Joe Torre Hall-of-Fame 2014 signed baseball

H – Explained below

I – Tennis ball from the 2012 U.S. Open

‘H’ explained:

In 2 - Ball - CopyMy High School English teacher, Ed Caston, used to take us yearly to a Yankees game, usually in June, as the school season ended. While we have actually continued this tradition (most years) since HS ended, he gave me this ball, that he had caught at Yankees stadium, as a graduation present.

Inscribed – ‘Avi: It took “56” years to get this!!! Good luck, Caston’ and the date he caught it is on the other side.

The Bobbleheads:

In 3 - BobblesFrom left to right:
Jose Reyes – From 2K Sports, the year he was featured as their cover player, they were giving these away as a mail-in offer.

CC Sabathia and Ichiro Suzuki – Both acquired in 2014 from Yankees Universe

The Cap:

In 4 - Cap - CopySigned and personalized Tony Stewart cap.

Inscribed: “To Avi. Tony Stewart”

Story behind the cap: I wore a Tony Stewart cap to work, and Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell saw me wearing it, and Tweeted it out. Tony’s manager, Eddie Jarvis, saw the tweet, and sent this cap to Dagen, to pass along to me.

Knickknacks and Collectibles:

In 5 - Knickknacks - Copy

A – Keychain from Indiana, with a map of the state, with a few key locations singled out, with little icons.

B – Mini Metal Eiffel Tower – My Dad used to have an employee, named Joe, that was a retired Flight Attendant for Delta(?) Airlines, and he bought me back this from one of his many travels.

C – Dean’s List pin from Brooklyn College, given upon graduation, for having been on the Dean’s List 4+ times.

D – Keychain from the San Diego Zoo, brought back by Cheryl Geliebter and Ruchy Travis (nee Solomon).

E – Lapel Pin from the 9/11 Memorial

F – Keychain from the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Indiana

G – Spinning keychain from Chicago

H – ‘A’ keychain from Philadelphia, with a few pics on it of the history of that city

I – Top down view of a Lego man, that “looks like me”, holding a shovel brought back from the aforementioned San Diego trip, while I was stuck here shoveling snow

J – Bronz Zoo lapel pin

K & L – These are both ‘coins’ which are commonly traded amongst law-enforcement officers, based on their divisions. They are from the (K) Department of Investigations for the City of New York and from (L) OCID – Organized Crime Investigation Division, which runs under the DOI

M – Lapel Pin with the City Seal of South Bend, Indiana

N – A Chase Bank ‘Pig'(gy bank)

O – New York Rangers Lapel Pin

P – Another memento brought back by Joe, this one from Israel. The Hebrew on it says: “Rishon LeZion” which is a city in Israel

Dice With Buddies

Dice With Buddies is a mobile game (available on iOS, Android and Facebook), made by Scopely, who make the other games, such as Skee-Ball, Wordly and Mini Golf.

The game is simple, and is a rough copy of Yahtzee, with a few slight changes.

I don’t have much to say on it, besides for the fact that you should try the game, and maybe challenge me to a game 🙂 (my username is iAmAviG, of course)

Also, it became relevant when I got a new high score yesterday, as well as a new Point Differential win, on the same game (pictured below).