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Tales Of A Pizza Shop — #Fail

I am not going to name the store, because while they did do horrible things, they don’t deserve a public naming (in private I’d call them out in a heartbeat).

Here are a few stories that happened, all in the same pizza shop, over the last few days:

  • The manager (henceforth labeled “George”) talking to a worker about he isn’t going to pay her for two days of the week, because of XX, YY, and ZZ. This is while he’s standing at the cash register.
    I think there are probably better places to have that conversation.
  • Huge line waiting to pay, but George keeps taking phone calls. He’s the only cashier.
  • George smokes in the store.
  • George likes listening to cantoral music on his phone. Out loud. And sings along with it.
  • One of his workers (let’s call him “Javier”) is clearly incompetent. But he’s in charge of the pizza oven.
    For example: Someone ordered three slices of pizza, to go. He was handed three separate paper bags…leaving the customer to stack them when he left in order to hold them all. When Javier was asked why he didn’t just use a box, he said: “Oh. I didn’t think of it.”
  • On two different occasions George was arguing with customers over the prices of items. Using lines like: “Here, let me print you a receipt, and show you”…but then still giving them the price they had said it should be.
    Mind you, this store does NOT have prices posted.
    I went there a few times, and was charged two different prices for the same slice of pizza…maybe there was a lunch special in effect one of those times? I’ll never be sure, because…NO SIGNS.
  • Javier was asked: “Is the pizza cheesy?”…to which he replied: “No, we only have what you see here.”…this was repeated multiple times before the person gave up and went to order a falafel instead.

There are more stories, but I’m gonna stop at that…mind you I was only at this store 3 times.

TLC Emergency Lights Education – #FixNYC

All Taxi & Limousine (TLC) cars in NYC have a little orange light on the front and back of the car, to alert the police if the driver is in trouble.

Original Image from

Original Image from

The driver can activate it using his leg, so that if he was being held hostage while driving, he can press it without the attacker noticing.
The problem with this location is that they often hit it by mistake, and don’t even know about it.

I’ve seen the light on multiple times, and have pulled up next to the car, looked inside to make sure nothing was wrong (the cars were always just the driver, no passengers), and told him about it, so he could turn it off.

But the bigger issue is that not enough people know about it, and what it does.
And those that do know about it clearly just don’t care about it.

I’m talking about other TLC cars just drive by the car without checking that they are alright…and if they want to fight as a single union against Uber, then show support for your fellow workers and make sure they are okay.

As for the NYPD, I’ve seen these TLC cars with their lights on drive past an NYPD cruiser, and the cop doesn’t pull him over, as they are supposed to do, but just ignores it.


Be Prepared

It can’t hurt to be prepared.

In the Winter we tend to (hopefully) be more cautious, with keeping gas in the car, and everything powered appropriately.

But at times we tend to get lax with some things, but honestly we need to keep things up to date and ready for use at all times.

Here are a few good examples of things that should be kept on top of, all year long:

  • Gas In The Car — As I said earlier, it is always important to keep the car filled, I’d say even more than 40% at all times, because you never know when you’ll need to drive around all day and not have a chance to stop for gas.
  • Chargers & Battery Packs — Charging your phone every night, whether it needs it or not, should be a no brainer by now, as it can’t hurt modern phones (with appropriate chargers) to make sure it is at 100%.
    Now, while it isn’t practical to carry lots of chargers and wires with you, in case your phone runs out, it isn’t difficult to carry a battery pack (or micro charger) with you, that can give your phone a little extra juice when needed.
    One that I recommend, which is roughly the size of a phone, and just as thin/light, yet can hold up to 2.5 charges (depending on your phone) is the Motorola P4000 Power Pack.
  • Time In Your Phone — Most people have unlimited talk/text these days, but there is still a large amount of users on Tracfone/Net 10/Etc. who pay as they go. But keeping a nice supply of time in there, isn’t usually a priority. They tend to only use a small amount of minutes a month, so don’t think about having a supply.
    But it can’t hurt to have a backup plan, on how to quickly get minutes, without too much of a hassle, so that you don’t get stranded without a phone in an emergency.

Temporary Hiatus

Due to unforeseen circumstances the blog will be on a short break. I hope to be back to posting tomorrow. 

32 Hours of Le Fast

You think 24 Hours of Le Mans is tough? What about 25 hours of fasting? How about we kick it up a notch and go 32 hours!

Yesterday was a Jewish Fast Day, one of the bigger ones, spanning 25 hours, from sundown Saturday night through sundown Sunday night, with no water or food allowed.

But with my work schedule, I felt it wouldn’t make sense to stay up all the way through…if I had, I’d have eaten after 9PM last night, and then need to shower and go to sleep, all to be back up again at 3AM…it just didn’t seem feasible or practical.

So instead I went to sleep in the 7PM hour, and woke up a little earlier this morning to shower/shave/eat…except I wasn’t really hungry, so I finally got some water in me, and ate breakfast when I got to work at 4AM.

So forget about 25 hours of fasting, or 24 Hours of Le Mans for an endurance test…just try out the 32 hour fast, and on a side note, it’ll be your new favorite diet technique!

Birthday Gift Idea Time (Again)

My now annual shameless self-promotion post, pushing my wish list on Amazon for my birthday ideas 🙂

My birthday is two weeks off from tomorrow, and while I buy everything I need when I need it, I’ve kept this list with a few things on it that are either in the future or things I am just unsure of. It’s a little empty, but the gift card in any amount can be used on literally anything!


Don’t forget to use Amazon Smile on checkout, and use Hillel as your charity 😉

Thanks in advance!

Silent But Deadly – Phones Waking You Up

Android and iOS both offer you “Silent” options, which are great for when you sleep. This eliminates others from waking you with their texts and group messages.

iOS allows you to “Silence” everything using the side button (if it isn’t assigned to screen lock), and this will keep your phone from ringing on phone calls and texts, but if you are using the Clock App that comes with iOS your alarms will still ring, making sure you wake up in the morning.

Android is a different story, as everyone has different versions of it, but I’ll stick here to the current version of Lollipop. The phone has three options for it’s ringer: All, Priority, None.
ALL – Has the options of ring or vibrate for all calls that come through. ALARMS WORK.
PRIORITY – Only Priority Contacts will ring or vibrate. Priority contacts are designated with a star in your address book. All other notifications are muted. ALARMS STILL WORK.
NONE – No noise shall emit from your phone. Not calls. Not texts. Not notifications. NO ALARMS.

Regardless what device you are using these days, there is no excuse to be woken up by your phone when you are trying to sleep. If your phone doesn’t have a silence feature, simply turn it off, and use an old fashioned battery alarm clock 🙂

Alarm Clock