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Amazon Prints

Amazon has recently launched their competing service to Snapfish and Shutterfly, under the title of Amazon Prints.

It looks like it is handled by a company called S&D Prints, and for a limited time, standard shipping is free.

4X6 prints are .09, 5X7s for .58, 8X10s are $1.79 and photo books begin at $20. These prices are all very competitive, and for a limited time you can use promo code “BABY50FREEPRINTS” to get 50 4X6 prints for free, and no shipping charges at the standard delivery rate.

The prints that I’ve tried so far have been fairly good, and they are using quality paper with Kodak and Fuji.

Personally I use Snapfish for my photo books, which come out in amazing quality, and now that I have a few of them I am uncertain if I’d want to change to a new service, but the layout of “Design” looks extremely similar to Snapfish…so maybe a similar end product?


See Something, Send Something

NY State government has put out an app to compliment their “See Something, Say Something” campaign.

The app, “See Something, Send Something” (further known as “SSSS”) lets you take pictures of something suspicious that you see, and submit it for the police/agencies to respond to.

My issue with the app is that it is so basic, moreso than it needs to be.

Take for example New York City’s 3-1-1 app, and the information it provides outside of its “Complaints” section.
They’ll give you a rundown of garbage pickup, alternate side of the street parking, and school closures, as well as updates to any complaints you’ve made.

The “SSSS” app needs to do more. Have it give OEM (Office of Emergency Management) notifications. Statewide alerts. Amber alerts.
Maybe just connect it to the Governer’s Twitter feed (or the aforementioned OEMs).

If you’d like to give it a try, you can find the app here.

See Something Send Something Logo

Amazon On Deck

Amazon Fire Tablets offer a neat little feature, to ensure that you always have something to watch, even when disconnected from the internet. It’s called: On Deck.

On Deck will download pilot episodes of Amazon shows, or even Prime Movies (Interstellar just dropped On Deck on my device), so that you can watch it when you get bored.

I don’t think it’s based off your preferences, although it may be influenced by it, but rather it downloads what Amazon wants you to watch.

And don’t worry about the On Deck videos taking up space on your device. These videos don’t count against your remaining MegaBytes, and are the first things to automatically delete if your device gets full.

It’s a little feature from Amazon, but it’s a nice one. And similar to my views on video games, it’s always the little features that make a bigger difference.


Arnold Palmer and Jose Fernandez

Sunday came in like a beautiful day and rode out like a storm.

Two sports lives lost: one a golfing legend and one a promising up-and-comer.

Arnold Palmer passed away at age 87, and was one of the sports’ greatest ambassadors, winner of 7 Majors and 62 PGA Tour events, a fierce competitor to the greatest golfer Jack Nicklaus, and a man whose name will forever live on in a great drink.

Tiger Woods and Fox Sports anchor Jay Onrait weighed in on the passing:

On the other end of the spectrum was Jose Fernandez. 24 year-old Cuban phenom, having a year that most pitchers would dream of, with 253 Strikeouts and an ERA under 3.

But it was more than that that make people moved by his passing. It was the pure joy that he brought onto the field with every game played.

This is one of my favorite clips, and memories, of Fernandez that will help build how people remember him:

Another great shot, showing him enjoying the game he loved:

Sports Illustrated will likely give the cover to Palmer…but Fernandez deserves one of his own.

Transparent – Season 3 #Review

Transparent Season 3, exclusively on Amazon Prime, was released on Friday, and it continues the outstanding performance of this show.

The season focuses frequently on suicide and prevention, from hotlines to actual cases, all while circling around the Passover story of escape and saving, both in the story and in the Pfefferman lives.

I don’t want to be trans. I am trans. -Mapa

Every season so far the show has gotten progressively deeper, and this one was no exception, as the flashbacks to the older generations’ youths continue, and we learn about how Maura and Shelly first met.

This season definitely takes you on a journey to shell and back. Season 3 gets a 9.5 out of 10.



Marvel’s Ghost Rider

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned this week, and the new season is on a new course.

Coulson is no longer the director, Daisy/Skye has gone on her own path of destruction, and Jemma is trying to work her way up the chain of command.

But the biggest, and one of the more exciting changes to the season is the addition of Ghost Rider.


He is fierce, he is just trying to do (what he thinks is) good, and the actor playing him (Gabriel Luna) was fantastic in the first episode.

Looking forward to seeing how this one plays out.

Google Takes On Facebook – Allo

Google started rolling out their newest messaging app on Wednesday, and Allo is set to take on Facebook’s WhatsApp.

The messenger app has a virtual assistant that you can talk to, and get answers to your pressing questions, set alarms and reminders, make dinner reservations and book a car, or just find out the top headlines and weather forecasts.

It’s still in its infant stages, so the assistant is relying heavily on user feedback to perfect itself, but the potential is certainly there.

The problem with the app, at this point, is privacy. Google is storing all messages on their servers, and will make them fully available if/when the police request them. Meanwhile, someone who knows a little something about internet security, Edward Snowden, added in his two cents on Wednesday:

So for now, I tried out Allo, simply talking to the assistant, and not any real conversations…but I’ve taken Snowden’s advice and deleted it from my phone until they protect our information a bit better.

Google Allo Logo